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"Great buisness!! Always the professional and goes above and beyond to get you great rates with a good provider."

- Michael Pence

"Good people,saved me money on my inc needs"

- James Massey

"Great people to work with. I would refer anyone to use Rod for personal or business insurance. Fast reliable service, and a great attitude through out the office."

- Tj Langan

"This is honestly the best place to get what you need"

- Brandon T

"In September I lost my home in the Holiday Farm Fire. When I saw a video on social media of my destroyed home to call Sharon of Rod Dunlaps Progressive Insurance in Springfield. She held me with kid gloves and utmost compassion and professionalism! Her kindness towards me still brings tears to my eyes as I write this review some 6 months later. The fire victims compare notes. Progressives coverage seems to cover me in ways other companies aren't covering!!! Honestly. I feel so extremely fortunate to have been backed by this group of people. I highly recommend Rod Dunlap Insurance. Lesa Henson. Holiday Farm Fire Survivor"

- Lesa Henson


You do a great job for us, I really appreciate that I can count on you."

- Marcia Forshee
Kevin Cohen Plumbing

"Just got confirmation from Moda of our dental coverage. Job done. Thanks so much. Not just for this, but your advice and counsel. You know your stuff and we appreciate it."

- Craig Mills

"Thank you Rod for going what I consider above and beyond in helping me with my insurance needs. I appreciate your expertise, and consider you a true professional. I look forward to a long business relationship.

Thanks again,"

- Jerry Henry

"Rod has found the best insurance for us both personally and professionally. His staff has been very helpful with any questions we've had. I would recommend there office to anyone in need or that is ready to shop for a new agent.


- Ricki DenOuden

"Just want to thank you and your wife, She was a delight to talk to on the phone and was able to help me with my billing issues in a way I was able to understand. She followed up with more than just a e-mail, she wanted to insure me that I understood the billing questions. I am so glad to have a "TEAM" that the time to care about the customer! The team you have put together is top notch. You can feel proud that when you leave, the level of excellence in the office will be there.


- Travis Bell

"Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate your office (and Kris our agent). For 30 years we had Allstate and never once considered changing companies. When we did your office saved us $2000 a year with more coverage. We drive less than 1000 miles a year and no claims so to save that amount was unreal to us. Not only that your office called our residence to see how we were doing and if we needed to change anything we love you guys.

P.S. (One more thing) we had no idea our son-in-law was also a client of yours plus worked on your computers. Todd Garrison & our daughter (Whitney) were thrilled we were with your office."

-The Zehners
Springfield, Oregon

"If you are looking for a quality insurance experience or you are not satisfied with your current insurance company we highly recommend Rod Dunlap Insurance. You will receive courteous, personal attention to all of your insurance needs. As a bonus Rod has saved us money on our premiums.

We have been insured with Rod for over 2 years and we are completely satisfied with the service."

- Michael and Francine Barr

"I want to tell you thank you and my driving instructors also give you a huge shout out.

I had called an emergency staff meeting for tonight. I told them two weeks ago to cancel everything they had planned and attend tonight's meeting. I had been fully prepared to let them know that the future looked pretty bleak and things weren't going so well. Your call came just 30 minutes before I needed to leave and do what I really didn't want to do.

I was able to let them know we still are on board and going strong.

We all say a huge THANK YOU!!!!!"

- Loree Nosack
Tom's Driving Academy

"Thanks, again for all your help. I always seem to wait too long and call you at the last minute, but you and your staff have always responded so quickly and professionally. You make the changes to our policies and resolve my problems immediately.

You guys are awesome and I'm so glad I get to work with you and your staff.


- Diana Chin

"On my way home from work on a Friday evening last summer I was a participant in a 3 car collision. Nobody was injured, and after clearing the street, my first inclination was to notify my insurance carrier. At 5:15 on Friday, I was not surprised to get a recorded greeting. Completing my duties at the scene, I continued home, as my Chevy Pickup had only received damage to the rear bumper. The route took me past Rod's office; I noticed a car in the parking lot. On a whim I pulled in to see if anyone was on site. The front door was unlocked, and I stepped in to find Rod sitting in the lobby talking with a few of his employees. I recounted the events of my evening and things started happening instantly. Rod took me into an office, fired up a computer, asked one of the others to get somebody on the phone and began to fill out an accident report. Within 15 minutes I had the number of an open claim, had spoken to a claims person from Progressive, and had a completed accident report in my hand. Rod explained the claims process and told what would be expected of me. He went on to say that if I'd not heard from the at-fault drivers insurance people by a certain time I should come to his office where we would contact them together. Events transpired just as I had been told; by 10:00 the next morning all 3 of the contact numbers I provided to Rod had been contacted by Progressive. I went to the body shop I wanted and my beautiful red 98 Chevy pickup is again perfect. At 51, I'm a residential window installer who has spent over 25 years in customer service. I have always strived to treat every customer and their home as I would wish to be treated. This is exactly what Rod Dunlap and his staff did for me. The level of service and execution of duties was outstanding. I will continue to look to Rod Dunlap for my future insurance needs, and would recommend his services to anyone I know."

- Larry L Whisman
Springfield, Oregon

"Hi Rod, this is Sue.

I just want to thank you for selling us the supplemental insurance “Health Net”. I have been told by the insurance lady at the hospital, and at Dr Kovachs office that it is the best, for the co-pays and out of pocket expenses. They said a lot of them don?t have a cap on out of pocket expenses, but “Health Net” does. I'm sending people your way. I love you for this."

- Sue, Toni's mom.

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